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Supported Living:

The Supported Living Program is an intensive, 24-hour program that provides needed supports for individuals who desire to live in the community. Assistance is provided with personal hygiene, grooming, cooking, shopping, budget management, and community participation. The level of support depends on what each individual requires in order to garner the necessary skills appropriate for community living. Each person's program is individualized to meet specific needs. All levels of training are directed toward assisting each individual in the areas of daily living skills to increase their independence, enhance self-esteem, and help each individual realize their value and potential to contribute to the greater community. Every moment is a potential opportunity for learning and personal growth.

Day Services:

Offer opportunities for individualsĀ to integrate into the community with more confidence and enjoyment. Daily living skills such as learning how to order food, how to move safely in public areas, and how to make basic purchases are also taught. Pre-vocational skills are taught to assist individuals who may not be capable or willing to work an entire day. Enrichment programs include: community cultural enrichment, music appreciation, community exploration and job readiness. Transportation is available to and from facility based Day Services.

Supported Employment:

Our program helps individuals find a meaningful job in the community.

We work to:

  • Match qualified, interested individuals to specific job requirements.
  • Assist in the training of each new employee.
  • Monitor progress and performance through continued training.

Work Adjustment:

Prepares individuals for placement in Supported Employment or Community Employment by sharpening existing skills and developing employability attributes that help the individual prepare for community employment.

Personal Assistance:

Assistance with meal preparation/dietary needs, personal care, and community integration.


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