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Vision and Values


Our vision is to provide a model for implementing innovative and quality services through responsible utilization of public and private resources while changing the lives of the people we serve and their families by:

  • Challenging the preconceived notions of what can be accomplished by any individual.

  • Demolishing the stereotype of the helpless disabled.

  • Working together with individuals and families to maximize their potential.

  • Forming partnerships and strategic alliances to extend our reach and impact into a broad spectrum of non-traditional community efforts, from affordable housing to transportation,¬†and community based employment.


People come first and should be treated with respect, dignity, integrity and honesty. We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. We do not tolerate abusive or disrespectful treatment. We are satisfied with nothing less than the very best in everything we do. We have an obligation to communicate. Here, we take the time to talk and listen with one another. We work with individuals, families, State and Support Agencies openly, honestly and sincerely.


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